Radio Links

My Amateur Radio

Paul VK2APA Amateur Radio Biography 

Paul VK2APA Amateur Radio Blog - A bit quiet 

Amateur Radio Representative Societies 

The Radio Amateur Society of Australia 

The Wireless Institute of Australia 

Societies and Clubs

Amateur Radio New South Wales 

Hunter Radio Group - VK2AWX 

Westlakes Amateur Radio Club 

Port Stephens Amateur Radio Club  

The majority of the above are active on Facebook where you will find the latest news.

Amateur Radio in General

QRM Guru -  A great tool - What to do when you are experiencing interference

VK Regs -  Australian Amateur Radio Regulations in a handy reference - Good for study.

Australian Maritime College (AMC) Amateur Radio - The ACMA Appointed contractor that manages assessments and callsigns

ACMA Register of Communications Licences

MAPRAD.IO Radiocommunications Licence Register Search

Amateur Radio Education

RES Radio and Electronics School  - Training courses in Amateur Radio -  Highly recommended

Ham College Inc - Excellence in Western Australia Ham Radio Education  -  Highly recommended

Amateur Radio out in the field

Parks and Peaks  VK Spotting for a number of outdoor activities

World Wide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) - Australia

Silos on the air (SiOTA) 

Summits on the Air (SOTA) 

Islands on the Air (IOTA) 

Beaches on the Air (BOTA)

International Lighthouse & Lightship Weekend (ILLW)  

Interesting Online Pages

Number and Oddities - The world of Spy Number Stations and others